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Round-up: Avocado

June 25, 2010
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Avocados are arguably my favorite fruit and have been since I was very little. Although I grew up in the Spokane area, I always looked forward to summer for the avocados. My favorite way to eat them is straight out of the rind with a little salt, but there are so many ways to enjoy the rich and unique flavor of this stone fruit. Some of the following recipes may sound bizarre at best, but give them a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Veganlicious shares her recipe for raw mango ice cream with a secret ingredient.

Ignore the reference to halibut in this post and consider the recipe for avocado Hollandaise.

Guacamole is an obvious use of avocado, but grilled guacamole? Yes, please!

This chocolate cake recipe uses avocado in the cake and frosting for a double dose of yum.

Looking for a healthier alternative to Veganaise? Try this basil and avocado mayo.

Always a good source for allergen-free recipes, Book of Yum shares her recipe for chocolate mousse.

These fudgacado truffles are a Spokane Vegans bake sale favorite.

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