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Round-up: Vegan Pantry Essentials

January 15, 2010

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A well stocked pantry can save you money. If you have everything you need for a tasty and healthful meal at home, you’re less likely to dine out. And you’re more likely to stick to a vegan diet, especially if the city you live in isn’t a vegan mecca like Portland. Certain foods can be found in almost every veghead’s pantry, but taste and region may also dictate our staple foods. Below are some links to lists of vegan pantry essentials from across the internets.


The Kitchn offers a nice basic list with a few exotics thrown in, that is,  if you think tahini is exotic.

The Vegetarian Way has a very comprehensive list of just about everything a vegan may want to eat.

Planet Green gives us a truly essential list of super foods, with our friend, the ever elusive B12 thrown in for good measure.

Kblog shares her shopping list with us, and then lists everything she likes to keep in her pantry.

What do you keep in your pantry?

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