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Sarah Kramer Event Recap

November 20, 2009

Sarah makes the rounds, visiting each table and signing books

Spokane! We underestimated you. When we came up with the idea of hosting the lovely tattoo-clad vegan cookbook author, Sarah Kramer for a benefit dinner in Spokane we admittedly had our doubts. Was Spokane ready for us and our radical compassion on a larger scale? For all those tattoos and sassy quips?! The answer to both of those questions was a resounding “Yes!” With the help of a generous sponsorship from the Inlander and even a bit of press in both the weekly and the daily, news of Kramer’s visit spread far and wide. (Seriously. One of our members brought her Montana friends over specifically for the event!) We even had help with publicity from some local blogger friends. And then days before the event, we sold out! Never did we expect such a great response to our little Monday night event. Spokane it seems had been starving for an event like this.


Many thanks to Joe from for the great design work!


With the help of our dedicated and brilliant volunteers and guest chef, Tony Brown (from Mizuna!), we managed to put together an impressive (and tasty!) four course meal for our hungry guests. The dining room of One World Spokane, our venue and beneficiary of the event, buzzed with excitement as volunteers served each course and refilled glasses. Each new plate set before us induced oohs and awes and we were left satisfied and inspired after finishing our dessert – cupcakes, of course!

Sarah entertains the crowd with her stories

After dinner had finished and we had a little time to digest, our guest of honor, Sarah Kramer took the stage. With the hallmark wit and charm that has made her books wildly popular, Kramer shared with us her story of going vegan and of writing four best-selling cookbooks. Laughter peeled through the crowd regularly as Kramer shared personal stories of growing up in Regina, Saskatchewan and even of her various tattoos. The dagger tattoo on her forearm has a particularly funny story about what else but boy trouble. But beyond laughter, Kramer shared with us touching stories about her mother and the respect for food that was instilled in her at a very early age. “Food is fuel” is a phrase that she used a lot and an idea that seems to be getting more attention lately. With Spokane’s growing locavore movement and all around food culture, Kramer’s emphasis on a plant-based diet made sense.


Cupcakes will make anyone smile


By all accounts the night was a huge success. Once we have the final numbers, we’ll share them with you on the main benefit page. But for now, we’d like to give a big “Thank you!!” to Spokane, our volunteers, the Inalnder and last but certainly not least, Sarah Kramer! We had such a great time and we hope you did too! To see more pictures from the event, click here. If you have pictures of your own from Monday night, we’d love to see them! You can email them to spovegan [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. November 20, 2009 9:51 am

    Sarah left a blog post about Spokane and this great group photo

  2. November 20, 2009 9:46 pm

    Thanks, Neva! 🙂


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