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Round-up: Pumpkin Recipes

October 23, 2009


We’re stating a new weekly feature here today with Round Up Fridays. Each Friday we’ll be bringing you a round up of helpful, inspiring or just plain silly links about whatever topic we want, however tenuously related to veganism they may be. Today I give you pumpkin deliciousness.

These pumpkin spice cookies look amazing.

I saw this recipe for pumpkin hummus the other day and am determined to make it by the end of the month. Also, check out Tofu Mom’s recipe for pumpkin butter.

Black beans and pumpkin are an obvious and winning combination.

Did you know you can eat mini pumpkins? I didn’t until now. (Please note that not all recipe suggestions at the given link are vegan.)

Who could say no to low-fat pumpkin brownies?

Why not try a pumpkin tart this year, instead of the usual pie?

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  1. November 13, 2009 11:25 am

    I just posted a recipe for pumpkin-fried apple soup and pumpkin snickerdoodles on my blog

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